Sunday, August 26, 2012

Carbon Tax Not Yet ‘Catastrophic’: Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has conceded the introduction of the carbon tax has not immediately been “catastrophic”.

But he is adamant its long-term effects will eventually spell disaster for Australia’s economy.
Speaking at the Tasmanian state council of the Liberal Party, Mr Abbott restated his promise to abolish the controversial tax if he is elected prime minister at the election due next year.

“Yes, the initial impact of the carbon tax may not be absolutely catastrophic,” he told the council conference.

“But I ask you Tasmanians to understand the logic - if there is any - in a five-and-a-half per cent increase in your power prices because of the carbon tax, even though some 85 per cent of your electricity is hydro-generated.”

Mr Abbott said government modelling of the tax’s impact painted a dire picture for Australia’s future.

“I’m often accused of running a scare campaign about the carbon tax,” he said.
“I invite people who think I could be exaggerating the impact of the carbon tax to look at the government’s own modelling.”

He said it showed Australians would on average be $5000 worse off by 2050 and the country would miss out on $1 trillion.

“It’s as if our country were to shut down for a whole year because of the carbon tax,” he said.
“This is an unmitigated economic disaster for our country.”

Mr Abbott announced he had formed a working group of Liberal senators to examine how the struggling Tasmanian economy can be grown.

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